Himuro Mansion

The Himuro mansion is one of the japanese urban legend and its surrounding area have a dark history involving grisly murders, an evil cult, and restless spirits. The exact location of the mansion is unknown, but local people said it was lies in abandoned deep in the forest, miles outside Tokyo. The Mansion is rumored to be the gruesome death site of a Japanese family and several of its associates a few decades ago. The Himuro family participated in a specific enigmatic Shinto ritual, dubbed the “Strangling Ritual ,” which was used to seal off bad karma from the Earth. The karma, called “Malice,” would emerge on a specific date near the end of the year from a portal in the Mansion’s courtyard. In order to prevent this, a maiden was chosen at birth and isolated from the outside world to be raised as a sort of sacrificial lamb. This was done to prevent her, the “Rope Shrine Maiden,” from developing any ties to the outside world, which would ruin the ritual.

Himuro Mansion's Outer Gate

Before the “Strangling Ritual”, another maiden would be chosen to perform the “Blind Demon Ritual” – tied down, her face would be forced upon a wooden mask with spikes where its eyeholes should be. The relation of this practice to the main “Strangling Ritual” is not known but appears to be necessary for the latter to be successful.

After the proper time has passed for the “Rope Shrine Maiden” and the day of the “Strangling Ritual” comes, the “Rope Shrine Maiden” is bound by ropes on her ankles, wrists, and neck. The ropes are then tied to teams of oxen, which proceed to pull away from each other and the girl’s body, wrenching her limbs from her body. It is not known whether she is dead before her limbs are severed; however, it seems logical that the rope around her neck would suffocate her, though she would be in excruciating pain until her neck broke or all the air was expelled from her body. The ropes used to bind her appendages would then be soaked in her blood and criss-crossed on the gateway of the “Malice.” Thus, the portal would be sealed for approximately seventy-five years before the ritual had to be repeated.

Hallway Inside The Mansion

For generations, this tradition had been passed down through the Himuro family. The family master [the head of the household, usually a man] always oversaw the proceedings, doing tasks such as tying the ropes and blinding the “Blind Demon” himself. He was assisted by the “Headless Priests” (usually the holy men of the neighborhood or relatives), who would hold the Maidens still and chant any incantations or words that had to be said to make the ritual legitimate. The family master was a man of honor, which was (and still is) typical in Japan.

However, the honor of the family master led to disaster. During the last recorded “Strangling Ritual,” it is said that the “Rope Shrine Maiden” caught sight of a man outside the Mansion several days before she was to perform the “Strangling Ritual.” She fell in love with him instantly, and her newfound tie to Earth tainted her blood and spirit; the Ritual and her sacrifice failed miserably. The master learned what had happened and lost his sanity. He went on a rampage throughout his Mansion, murdering his family members, the Priests, and any unfortunate soul who had been visiting him at the time. Shamed because of his failure to prevent calamity, he fell upon his own katana, committing suicide. The Himuro family and the rituals it performed were now dead.

The local people of the neighboring town kept quiet about the story and they were not eager to find out the details of the murders. Apparently, the rituals were kept very quiet; still today, efforts to find out more information about the family and its tragedy are put forth, but records are slim. A team of researchers was sent to the Mansion to obtain as much information as they possibly could, which is how a majority of the true story was uncovered. The story itself was swathed in local legends and mysteries, leading people to believe that the vengeful souls of the murdered family wandered the Mansion, repeating the failed rituals to those who dared enter the abandoned edifice.

What is perhaps the most terrifying part of this story is that a majority of it is very true, including the ritual itself and the horrific murders. Any holes in the story have been filled in by local legend, by the people in the village in the vicinity of the Mansion, who do indeed attempt to ignore the stories of the malicious apparitions not far from where they live.

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  1. i think it is really true im tryin to find as much as i can about it i really wanna go to tokyo and find the mansion and see for myself i always love a good fright.

  2. Well, i am really interested about this story too, and it strikes me that the ritual took place at my own birthday!(i was terrified when i learned about that)...This story is the base of Fatal Frame, you possibly know that....however, i have some further information....it is said, that the Himuro Mansion lies in a forest, but Northeast of Japan(unlucky direction from/to where spirits travel) i am referring to the Mutsu province, or Region, not really sure, but in any case, it might be a fact...Others, and most, claim that it indeed is outside Tokyo, and others claim they have visited it....Makoto Shibata, the director of Fatal Frame says that this is based on true story, and when they where designing the whereabouts of FF1, they were careful looking in the house....but they nevver said the house was from Himuro family or anything....based on SIMILAR true story maybe??

  3. i want the direction outside of tokyo tht it is located north south ease west what a lil help would be nice for someon who has a death wish

  4. It's too bad that the current whereabouts of this property is unknown (Or even that it exists). I would LOVE to visit the place, and it would be way cool to experience the eerie chills of memories from when I played Fatal Frame. I'm a sucker for ghost stories, and I get a great thrill out of being scared. Visiting this "Himuro Mansion" would be a dream come true.

  5. Does anyone know the name of the village located near the mansion, i really would love to investigate the mansion!


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