Mothman Monster

The Mothman is the name given to a creature reported in the Charleston and Point Pleasant areas of West Virginia between November 12, 1966 ...
- 19:53
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Quebec's Hammer of Thor

In 1964, archaeologist Thomas E. Lee was scouting near an excavation under way near the village of Imaha, in northern Quebec, when he fo...
- 17:50
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Ancient City of Dwarka

Dwarka (Dvarka, Dwaraka, or Dvaraka, is a city and a municipality located in the Jamnagar district of Gujarat state in India). Dwarka also ...
- 17:07
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Queen Of Sheba

The mystical figure known as the Queen of Sheba is recorded in the First Book of Kings in the Old Testament. It states that around the te...
- 21:21
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Caddie Monster

Caddie (sometimes Caddy) is the nickname of the sea creature that has continued to mystify folk who live along the coast of British Columbi...
- 18:05
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In the wilds of north america a mystical ape-like creature hides in the shadows. Standing over seven feet tall and having an immense, mus...
- 18:24
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The association of the number 666 with the Antichrist is derived from Revelation 13:18 in which John the Revelator is told in his apocal...
- 18:36
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In the folklore of the Australian Aborigine, a bunyip is a roaring, man-eating monster that lives in lakes and swamps and billabongs, waiti...
- 18:21
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Andros Platform

Andros is the largest of the Bahama Islands, south of Bimini, where an underwater feature discovered in 1969 has been associated with Atlan...
- 16:45
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Kraken Monster

The Kraken is the fabled sea monster said to have been sighted frequently off the coast of Norway; it was apparently quite capable of drag...
- 20:30
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For many conspiracy theorists, the Illuminati is the ultimate secret society, a group that stretches its tentacles of control to encompa...
- 21:03
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Prambanan Temple

The Prambanan temple complex consists of three zones. The outer zone is a large space marked by a rectangular wall (destroyed). The original...
- 19:46
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