Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac Killer is one of the great unsolved serial killer mysteries of all time, taking only second place to Jack the Ripper. Even though...
- 15:29
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The Crystal Skull

In the realm of ancient artifacts there are few antiquities that are as thought provoking as the carved quartz crystal skulls. Very little i...
- 15:17
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Easter Island

One of the world's most famous yet least visited archaeological sites, Easter Island is a small, hilly, now treeless island of volcanic...
- 16:42
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Crop Circle Phenomenon

The crop circles phenomenon is a mysterious strange patterns have actually been appearing in fields for over three hundred years. Sometimes...
- 17:41
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The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by a line from Florida to the islands of Bermuda, to Puerto Rico and then b...
- 17:29
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More than nine hundred stone rings exist in the British Isles, and scholars estimate that twice that number may originally have been built...
- 17:51
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Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript has been dubbed "The Most Mysterious Manuscript in the World". It is named after its discoverer,the America...
- 17:37
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Lost City of Gold

Quivira and CĂ­bola are two of the fantastic Seven Cities of Gold existing only in a myth that originated around the year 1150 when the Moors...
- 17:29
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King Arthur's Legend

According to legend, King Arthur was born sometime in the fifth century AD. Later he developed as a figure of international interest largel...
- 17:22
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Nicholas Flamel

Nicholas Flamel (1330 – ?1417) is one of the most famous French alchemist. Many myths surround Flamel, the essence of his reputation are cl...
- 19:46
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During Alexander the Great 's conquests and travels, he came to a region in the Caucases, the mountain range between Europe and Asia. Th...
- 19:14
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The Piri Reis Map The Piri Reis Map Reviewed by Tripzibit on 18:54 Rating: 5
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