Oak Island

In the summer of 1795 a young Nova Scotian boy called Daniel McGinnis landed on one of the many small islands in Mahone Bay. He found signs ...
- 21:34
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Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi is a legendary Japanese sword as important to Japan's history as Excalibur is to Britain's, and is one of three...
- 22:13
Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi Reviewed by Tripzibit on 22:13 Rating: 5

The Underground Army

An old Chinese saying says, “treat death as life.” In China, rulers took this saying very seriously. After death they were buried with lavis...
- 20:44
The Underground Army The Underground Army Reviewed by Tripzibit on 20:44 Rating: 5


Through the hazy black and white footage, the relaxed shape of a bloated, swollen-headed, six-fingered humanoid figure can just be viewed...
- 20:34
Roswell Roswell Reviewed by Tripzibit on 20:34 Rating: 5

Raining Animals

For nearly 2,000 years, and from nearly every part of the world, there have been reports of showers of rain which contained large quantities...
- 22:07
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Pudu Prison

The Pudu Prison was built in 1895 as a prison in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur area. As such, it was used to house criminals including drug offen...
- 20:49
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Amityville House

The most famous and horrific ghost story of the last century must be that of 112 Ocean Avenue, in Amityville, New York. The terrifying ta...
- 20:28
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Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace on the banks of the River Thames, just outside London, is said to be the most haunted royal building in Britain. Mos...
- 20:12
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Mayan Calendar

Strange as it may seem, the Mayan calendar may have played an influential role in the culture’s decline. The calendar was used for prophe...
- 22:51
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Giant Skeleton

Recent gas exploration activity in the south east region of the Arabian desert uncovered a skeletal remains of a human of phenomenal size. ...
- 20:43
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Mayan Empires

When the Spanish conquistadors claimed areas of Central America and Mexico in the sixteenth century, they discovered the ruins of a grea...
- 20:21
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The Big Bang

The greatest, most fundamental mystery in the history of the world and the universe is; how did this all begin? Man now knows a lot abou...
- 16:17
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Malin Kundang

A long time ago, in a small village near the beach in West Sumatera, lived a woman and her son, Malin Kundang. Malin Kundang's father h...
- 11:58
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Machu Picchu

At its height during the 1400s, the Incan empire was the largest in the world, stretching 2,500 miles north to south and supporting a pop...
- 08:23
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Hindu Statues Drinking Milk Hindu Statues Drinking Milk Reviewed by Tripzibit on 05:57 Rating: 5


Avalon is the place where the legendary King Arthur was taken after receiving mortal wounds in battle. Although it is a mythical place, t...
- 05:45
Avalon Avalon Reviewed by Tripzibit on 05:45 Rating: 5
Stone Circles At Castlerigg Stone Circles At Castlerigg Reviewed by Tripzibit on 21:21 Rating: 5

The Borley Rectory

The haunting phenomena usually began each night in Borley Rectory shortly after Reverend and Mrs. Smith had retired for the evening. They wo...
- 20:15
The Borley Rectory The Borley Rectory Reviewed by Tripzibit on 20:15 Rating: 5
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