Rennes-le-Château (Rènnas del Castèl in Occitan) is a small medieval castle village and a commune in the Aude département in Languedoc in so...
- 15:41
Rennes-le-Château Rennes-le-Château Reviewed by Tripzibit on 15:41 Rating: 5


Mokele-Mbembe is an unknown dinosaur-like animal of Central Africa, with size of an elephant or larger, length up to 35 feet, shoulder hei...
- 05:36
Mokele-Mbembe Mokele-Mbembe Reviewed by Tripzibit on 05:36 Rating: 5

Seances Phenomena

Seances are an age-old way for the living to communicate with the dead. The popular image of a group sitting round a table, holding hands...
- 10:17
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Silbury Hill

Silbury Hill is a 40-metre (130-ft.) high man-made chalk mound near Avebury in the English county of Wiltshire. This is the tallest prehist...
- 15:26
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Incubus and Succubus

According to ancient tradition, there are two main classifications of demons that sexually molest humans. These two were said to be differ...
- 02:31
Incubus and Succubus Incubus and Succubus Reviewed by Tripzibit on 02:31 Rating: 5
Da Vinci's Mysterious Robot Da Vinci's Mysterious Robot Reviewed by Tripzibit on 05:30 Rating: 5

Voodoo Mystery

Voodoo is a mysterious, evil religion, stemming from darkest Africa. Many people believe it has been used to bring about the early deaths...
- 08:06
Voodoo Mystery Voodoo Mystery Reviewed by Tripzibit on 08:06 Rating: 5
Talos The Giant Bronze Man Of Crete Talos The Giant Bronze Man Of Crete Reviewed by Tripzibit on 16:37 Rating: 5
Shergar's Mysterious Disappearance Shergar's Mysterious Disappearance Reviewed by Tripzibit on 15:33 Rating: 5
The Great Ancient City of Knossos The Great Ancient City of Knossos Reviewed by Tripzibit on 06:08 Rating: 5
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