The Mystery of German Girl Temple The Mystery of German Girl Temple Reviewed by Tripzibit on 07:30 Rating: 5

Lost City of Troy

The legendary city of Troy, scene of 10-year-long Trojan War, is inextricably linked with some of the most prominent characters in Greek myt...
- 07:20
Lost City of Troy Lost City of Troy Reviewed by Tripzibit on 07:20 Rating: 5

JFK Assasination

Ever since November 1963 the motives for the assassination of John F. Kennedy have been the subject of wild speculation. What is clear is th...
- 16:15
JFK Assasination JFK Assasination Reviewed by Tripzibit on 16:15 Rating: 5


Chupacabra has been credited with the vampirelike deaths of thousands of animals, ranging from goats, rabbits, and birds to horses, cattl...
- 06:44
Chupacabra Chupacabra Reviewed by Tripzibit on 06:44 Rating: 5

General Wayne Inn

The General Wayne Inn located on the old Lancaster roadway between Philadelphia and Radner at 625 Montgomery Ave in Merion, Pennsylvania ...
- 16:02
General Wayne Inn General Wayne Inn Reviewed by Tripzibit on 16:02 Rating: 5
The Mysterious Disappearance of Scorpion The Mysterious Disappearance of Scorpion Reviewed by Tripzibit on 15:44 Rating: 5
The Unsolved Mystery of Phaistos Disc The Unsolved Mystery of Phaistos Disc Reviewed by Tripzibit on 06:45 Rating: 5

SHC Phenomena

The enigma of Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) is considered the most bizarre and frightening of all the phenomena in the world of the u...
- 17:00
SHC Phenomena SHC Phenomena Reviewed by Tripzibit on 17:00 Rating: 5
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