Petra : The Mysterious Hidden City Petra : The Mysterious Hidden City Reviewed by Tripzibit on 04:09 Rating: 5
Vimana : Ancient Indian Aircraft Vimana : Ancient Indian Aircraft Reviewed by Tripzibit on 06:04 Rating: 5

The Bloody Countess

Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Elizabeth (Erzsebet) Bathory ( 7 August 1560 – 21 August 1614), was a Hungarian countess from the renowned Bát...
- 13:18
The Bloody Countess The Bloody Countess Reviewed by Tripzibit on 13:18 Rating: 5
Hongshan Mysterious Artifacts Hongshan Mysterious Artifacts Reviewed by Tripzibit on 16:51 Rating: 5

Stigmata Phenomena

Stigmata, the term originates from the line at the end of Saint Paul's Letter to the Galatians where he says, "I bear on my body th...
- 16:20
Stigmata Phenomena Stigmata Phenomena Reviewed by Tripzibit on 16:20 Rating: 5
Mystery of Bruce Lee's Death Mystery of Bruce Lee's Death Reviewed by Tripzibit on 15:43 Rating: 5

Roger Bacon

Roger Bacon was a great polymath whose mind seems unfettered by the time he lived in. He was frequently accused of sorcery, and endured a...
- 16:35
Roger Bacon Roger Bacon Reviewed by Tripzibit on 16:35 Rating: 5

Zeta Reticuli Incident

The case of Betty and Barney Hill, commonly called the Hill Abduction, and occasionally the Zeta Reticuli Incident, was that they were victi...
- 16:49
Zeta Reticuli Incident Zeta Reticuli Incident Reviewed by Tripzibit on 16:49 Rating: 5
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