Believers in the theory that Earth has a hollow (Hollow Earth), inhabitable core sometimes also believe in evil creatures called the Deros...
- 22:02
Deros Deros Reviewed by Tripzibit on 22:02 Rating: 5

Ball Lightning

Ball lightning, is a strange and so far unexplained natural phenomenon, whose existence some scientists still dispute and no conceivable s...
- 22:41
Ball Lightning Ball Lightning Reviewed by Tripzibit on 22:41 Rating: 5
The Abduction of Antonio Villas Boas The Abduction of Antonio Villas Boas Reviewed by Tripzibit on 06:59 Rating: 5

Holy Vehm

In the middle of the 13th century and at the height of Templar power, Westphalia in Germany was suffering from a state of lawlessness and op...
- 18:11
Holy Vehm Holy Vehm Reviewed by Tripzibit on 18:11 Rating: 5

Inca Treasure

There are several stories, myths that talk about hidden gold and "lost Inca treasures", even hidden Inca cities that are full of g...
- 07:09
Inca Treasure Inca Treasure Reviewed by Tripzibit on 07:09 Rating: 5


In the mid-eighteenth century Erik Pontoppidan, the bishop of Bergen, Norway, and author of Forsog paa Norges naturalige Historie, remark...
- 00:08
Lindorms Lindorms Reviewed by Tripzibit on 00:08 Rating: 5

The Winchester House

Located in San Jose, California, it once was the personal residence of Sarah Winchester, the widow of gun magnate William Wirt Winchester,...
- 07:12
The Winchester House The Winchester House Reviewed by Tripzibit on 07:12 Rating: 5


The Greeks, and the Romans, were also unsure how Homer composed the poems. “They say that . . . Homer did not leave behind his poems in w...
- 18:38
Homer Homer Reviewed by Tripzibit on 18:38 Rating: 5

Giant Stone Eggs

Mysterious giant “stone eggs” discovered on 2007 at a construction site in Bandeng Hill and Zhanlong Hill, Gongxi Town of Hunan Province....
- 18:48
Giant Stone Eggs Giant Stone Eggs Reviewed by Tripzibit on 18:48 Rating: 5

Genetic Disk

This disk from South America is one of the most interesting and confusing finds of archaeology. The unique relic is made of black stone an...
- 06:39
Genetic Disk Genetic Disk Reviewed by Tripzibit on 06:39 Rating: 5

Michigan UFO Sightings

On March 18, 1966, 50 or more witnesses (including a dozen police officers) observed a large, disk-shaped craft hovering low over the ma...
- 07:01
Michigan UFO Sightings Michigan UFO Sightings Reviewed by Tripzibit on 07:01 Rating: 5


In the Scandinavian tradition, the nisse is a household entity that looks after hearth and home, a kind of guardian entity—but with an ...
- 19:37
Nisse Nisse Reviewed by Tripzibit on 19:37 Rating: 5

St. Prest Fossils

In April of 1863, Jules Desnoyers, of the French National Museum, came to St. Prest, in northwestern France, to gather fossils. From the ...
- 17:28
St. Prest Fossils St. Prest Fossils Reviewed by Tripzibit on 17:28 Rating: 5
Sinking of the Titanic Premonition Sinking of the Titanic Premonition Reviewed by Tripzibit on 02:59 Rating: 5

Halifax Sea Serpent

Sea serpents, or sea monsters, have for a very long time been all the rage among otherwise sober seafarers. Belief in these fearful creat...
- 18:45
Halifax Sea Serpent Halifax Sea Serpent Reviewed by Tripzibit on 18:45 Rating: 5

Boston Strangler

Ten years before the term serial killer entered popular usage, Boston was terrorized by an elusive predator who raped and strangled women ...
- 06:58
Boston Strangler Boston Strangler Reviewed by Tripzibit on 06:58 Rating: 5

Schirmer Abduction

In Ashland, Nebraska, on December 3, 1967, at 2:30 A.M. police Sergeant Herbert Schirmer noticed red lights on the highway. When he went t...
- 06:23
Schirmer Abduction Schirmer Abduction Reviewed by Tripzibit on 06:23 Rating: 5
The Mysterious Case of Bridey Murphy The Mysterious Case of Bridey Murphy Reviewed by Tripzibit on 13:42 Rating: 5
The Underground Vaults of Edinburgh The Underground Vaults of Edinburgh Reviewed by Tripzibit on 07:33 Rating: 5
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