Perpetual Motion Machine

Ever since the invention of the wheel, man has been searching for unlimited energy. The term perpetual motion more commonly refers to any ...
- 06:03
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Almas Sightings

The Almas in Mongolian (Altaic) means “wild man,” though possibly derived from ala (“to kill”) + mal (“animals”). The word is found in man...
- 05:23
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Lost Civilization of Harappa Lost Civilization of Harappa Reviewed by Tripzibit on 06:48 Rating: 5

The Flannan Isles Mystery

The Flannan Isles (also known as the Seven Hunters), named for Saint Flannan, who lived a solitary existence there in the seventeenth centur...
- 07:02
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Mary Agreda

Mary Agreda was a nun in the 17th century and known to the Native Americans of the West and Southwest as "the Lady in Blue." Siste...
- 07:53
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Foo Fighters

During the middle of World War II in 1943 and 1944, numerous fighter pilots began to see what they called “foo fighters,” or small balls o...
- 05:15
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Kongamato is a pterosaur-like creature from the border area of Zambia, Angola and Congo. There are reports that people have been seeing flyi...
- 06:26
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Madame De La Tour

Francoise Marie Jacqueline, who is more commonly known as Madame La Tour or Madame De La Tour is considered Canada’s first heroine. She had ...
- 07:20
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Captain Kidd's Treasure

One of the few recorded instances of a pirate who actually did bury some treasure is William ‘Captain’Kidd, a privateer turned pirate of t...
- 20:40
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