Yamashita's Gold

During World War II, Japanese forces gather valuable items from the countries that they occupied. When it became obvious that Japan was losi...
- 06:27
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Boudicca's Grave

Boudicca is a legendary figure of British history, famous as an archetypal warrior woman who supposedly embodies the spirit of Britannia w...
- 04:10
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The Vela Incident

The Vela Incident (sometimes known as the South Atlantic Flash) was the possible detection of a nuclear weapon test. This detection was made...
- 04:48
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Brazilian Stonehenge

It has been called a Brazilian Stonehenge, but at this point, archaeologists know even less about a newly discovered stone temple in the ...
- 02:52
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The Cursed Ring

In the vault of a Los Angeles bank lies a silver ring set with a semiprecious stone. It is not a particularly pretty ring or even a very val...
- 03:54
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The Ballechin House

Ballechin House once described as the “Most Haunted House in Scotland", with several similarities to the Borley Rectory haunting, incl...
- 03:11
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1972 Art Theft in France

In 1972, an unknown thief (or thieves) looted the town hall at Bagnols sur Ceze, France, and removed several impressionist paintings valu...
- 03:57
1972 Art Theft in France 1972 Art Theft in France Reviewed by Tripzibit on 03:57 Rating: 5
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