1982 Battle Creek Murder Case 1982 Battle Creek Murder Case Reviewed by Tripzibit on 05:02 Rating: 5

The Beast of Gévaudan

One day in June 1764, in a forest in the Gévaudan, a mountainous region of south-central France, a young woman tending cows looked up to se...
- 05:01
The Beast of Gévaudan The Beast of Gévaudan Reviewed by Tripzibit on 05:01 Rating: 5

Ica Stones

Ica stones are considered by some people to be proof that there was once a technologically advanced civilization on Earth. They were repor...
- 00:04
Ica Stones Ica Stones Reviewed by Tripzibit on 00:04 Rating: 5

Hopkinsville Incident

One of the most amazing close encounter cases of all times occurred on the evening of August 22, 1955. The Sutton family of Hopkinsville, ...
- 06:17
Hopkinsville Incident Hopkinsville Incident Reviewed by Tripzibit on 06:17 Rating: 5

Dyatlov Pass Mystery

In 1959 a group of Russian cross-country skiers went on a trek through the Ural Mountains, but they never return. Eventually, their bodies a...
- 04:57
Dyatlov Pass Mystery Dyatlov Pass Mystery Reviewed by Tripzibit on 04:57 Rating: 5

SS Portland

On November 26, 1898, the steamship SS Portland left India Wharf in Boston, Massachusetts, for Portland, Maine, on a regularly scheduled run...
- 04:20
SS Portland SS Portland Reviewed by Tripzibit on 04:20 Rating: 5

Manrow House

When J.P. Manrow built his home on Russian Hill in San Francisco in 1851, he had no idea that it would house more than his family. Unfrien...
- 05:38
Manrow House Manrow House Reviewed by Tripzibit on 05:38 Rating: 5
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