Brush Creek UFO Case

In February of 1953, miners John Van Black and John Allen were working outside their titanium mine near Brush Creek, California, when they...
- 05:36
Brush Creek UFO Case Brush Creek UFO Case Reviewed by Tripzibit on 05:36 Rating: 5

Phantom Armies

In many different countries, there have been stories of phantom armies haunting battlefield sites throughout history. For example, in 490...
- 03:37
Phantom Armies Phantom Armies Reviewed by Tripzibit on 03:37 Rating: 5

Lost City of Nan Madol

On the remote Micronesian island of Pohnpei is Nan Madol, one of the most bizarre lost cities on earth. Nan Madol is a maze of stacked-rock ...
- 03:31
Lost City of Nan Madol Lost City of Nan Madol Reviewed by Tripzibit on 03:31 Rating: 5
Dragons of the Ishtar Gate Dragons of the Ishtar Gate Reviewed by Tripzibit on 03:26 Rating: 5
Ghost Ship of Block Island Ghost Ship of Block Island Reviewed by Tripzibit on 07:34 Rating: 5

King Juba's Lost Treasure

Juba II was the monarch of a North African kingdom known as Mauretania, comprising most of modern Morocco and western Algeria. After Empero...
- 06:44
King Juba's Lost Treasure King Juba's Lost Treasure Reviewed by Tripzibit on 06:44 Rating: 5
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