Believers in the theory that Earth has a hollow (Hollow Earth), inhabitable core sometimes also believe in evil creatures called the Deros...
- 22:02
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Ball Lightning

Ball lightning, is a strange and so far unexplained natural phenomenon, whose existence some scientists still dispute and no conceivable s...
- 22:41
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The Abduction of Antonio Villas Boas The Abduction of Antonio Villas Boas Reviewed by Tripzibit on 06:59 Rating: 5

Holy Vehm

In the middle of the 13th century and at the height of Templar power, Westphalia in Germany was suffering from a state of lawlessness and op...
- 18:11
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Inca Treasure

There are several stories, myths that talk about hidden gold and "lost Inca treasures", even hidden Inca cities that are full of g...
- 07:09
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In the mid-eighteenth century Erik Pontoppidan, the bishop of Bergen, Norway, and author of Forsog paa Norges naturalige Historie, remark...
- 00:08
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