In the Scandinavian tradition, the nisse is a household entity that looks after hearth and home, a kind of guardian entity—but with an ...
- 19:37
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St. Prest Fossils

In April of 1863, Jules Desnoyers, of the French National Museum, came to St. Prest, in northwestern France, to gather fossils. From the ...
- 17:28
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Sinking of the Titanic Premonition Sinking of the Titanic Premonition Reviewed by Tripzibit on 02:59 Rating: 5

Halifax Sea Serpent

Sea serpents, or sea monsters, have for a very long time been all the rage among otherwise sober seafarers. Belief in these fearful creat...
- 18:45
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Boston Strangler

Ten years before the term serial killer entered popular usage, Boston was terrorized by an elusive predator who raped and strangled women ...
- 06:58
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Schirmer Abduction

In Ashland, Nebraska, on December 3, 1967, at 2:30 A.M. police Sergeant Herbert Schirmer noticed red lights on the highway. When he went t...
- 06:23
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