Greece UFO Sightings

The Greek government finally revealed a case of UFO sightings that occurred on November 11, 2007. The incident started when the pilot of Oly...
- 05:27
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The Sirens depicted in various classical literature as the mythical creature with two forms: the appearance of half-woman half-bird, other ...
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Falcon Lake Incident

One of the most famous UFO landings in Canada occurred on May 20, 1967. On that day, Stephen (Stefan) Michalak was exploring the wilderness ...
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Archimedes' Burning Mirror

In the third century B.C. the Greek mathematician Archimedes laid down many of the principles which still guide engineering science today an...
- 06:36
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Mystery of the Pendle Witches Cottage Mystery of the Pendle Witches Cottage Reviewed by Tripzibit on 05:07 Rating: 5
Treasure Galleons of 1715 Fleet Treasure Galleons of 1715 Fleet Reviewed by Tripzibit on 05:32 Rating: 5
Wendigo the Winter Cannibal Giant Wendigo the Winter Cannibal Giant Reviewed by Tripzibit on 05:21 Rating: 5

Doppelganger Phenomenon

A doppelganger also known as bilocation is an exact duplicate of a living person in whose company it appears. “Doppelganger” is a German ter...
- 06:45
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Mystery of the Bog Bodies

Bog bodies are often found in the peat bogs of Northern Europe, from Ireland and the United Kingdom to the Netherlands, Denmark, and German...
- 14:11
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Assassins of Persia

Among the world’s most famous secret societies, the Assassins also known as the Hashshashin emerged out in the late eleventh century CE, w...
- 06:03
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Temple of Angkor

In 1860, Henri Mouhot, a French naturalist had gone to Indo-China in search of rare birds and insects. He didn't find rare birds or in...
- 04:18
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St. Valentine's Day Massacre St. Valentine's Day Massacre Reviewed by Tripzibit on 04:49 Rating: 5

Moodus Noises

Moodus noises are underground rumbling sounds and tremors that have occurred for centuries near the Moodus River in Connecticut. In fact...
- 05:56
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Cursed Stone of Glavendrup Cursed Stone of Glavendrup Reviewed by Tripzibit on 04:42 Rating: 5
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