Nomoli Statues

The Nomoli Statues is the small figure of stone that has been found by local people when searching for diamonds in Sierra Leone, West Afri...
- 03:59
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Warminster UFO Mystery

Among the numerous ‘UFO phenomena’ or ‘poltergeist-type phenomena’ reported from Warminster on Christmas Day after 6 a.m., when a young ma...
- 03:46
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The Dropa Stones

There have been many unusual and puzzling artifacts that have been unearthed, or otherwise discovered, that do not fit into conventional t...
- 03:57
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Uyghur Civilization

At the time of Rama and Atlantis many ancient cities are said to have existed in the Uyghur civilization of the Gobi Desert. Though the Go...
- 04:42
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Kilstuitheen The Phantom Island Kilstuitheen The Phantom Island Reviewed by Tripzibit on 04:10 Rating: 5
Mysterious Cattle Mutilations Mysterious Cattle Mutilations Reviewed by Tripzibit on 03:42 Rating: 5

James Dean's Cursed Car

If houses are haunted by their occupants, can dead drivers haunt the cars they died in? Maybe as we’ll see in this case of the seemingly c...
- 04:06
James Dean's Cursed Car James Dean's Cursed Car Reviewed by Tripzibit on 04:06 Rating: 5
La Llorona The Crying Woman La Llorona The Crying Woman Reviewed by Tripzibit on 04:25 Rating: 5
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