The Treasure of Maravilla

Legend said the Maravilla was cursed. She sank in January of 1656, the Nuestra SeƱora de las Maravillas was officially filled with over five...
- 04:17
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The Round Tower of Copenhagen The Round Tower of Copenhagen Reviewed by Tripzibit on 04:40 Rating: 5

Dogu Statues

The Dogu statues crafted by the Jomon people of Japan and dated to about 5000 BC have an oddly mechanical appearance. It tend to have large ...
- 04:22
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The Unsolved Mystery of Ourang Medan The Unsolved Mystery of Ourang Medan Reviewed by Tripzibit on 04:08 Rating: 5

Lost City of Iram

The great H. P. Lovecraft, achieved early fame with his 1921 story, The Nameless City. It tells the story of Abdul Alhazarad, an Arab sch...
- 03:58
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Castle Warden Museum

The Castle Warden museum, in the United States’ oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida, is, like the city itself. "The Castle" was o...
- 04:14
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Neolithic Tools from The California Gold Mine Neolithic Tools from The California Gold Mine Reviewed by Tripzibit on 04:23 Rating: 5


Imp or impe in Old English means a young plant shoot or a tree sapling. Over the years, the word came to refer to smallish entities that ...
- 04:39
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