Kaz II The Ghost Yacht

On 18 April 2007, Kaz II a 12 meter catamaran was found drifting 163 km off the northern coast of Australia with its engine running, and a ...
- 19:03
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Baigong Pipes

On June 2002, an official Chinese news agency has reported that researchers are investigating what have been described as “ET relics” in th...
- 21:17
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The Mysterious Sailing Stones The Mysterious Sailing Stones Reviewed by Tripzibit on 19:37 Rating: 5

Afonya the Russian Snowman

A group of teenagers on a fishing expedition to Lake Lovozero in the Murmansk Region of Russia were pestered in their cabin and chased for s...
- 06:29
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Incorrupt Body Phenomena

There are many records of saints’ bodies being dug up years after burial, and being found incorrupt. This phenomenon is not confined to Cat...
- 16:50
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Amherst Poltergeist Case

Amherst Poltergeist Case is the most famous reported poltergeist case in Canada. It centered around a girl named Esther Cox. In 1878 at the...
- 19:41
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San Pedro Mummy

In October of 1932, two men were prospecting for gold in the Pedro Mountains of Wyoming when they found the mummified remains of what appea...
- 20:46
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