Grimoires are books of ceremonies, rituals, and spells that are to be used in ceremonial magic composed in Europe from the fifteenth to the...
- 06:16
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Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials (February to October 1692) comprise the largest witch-hunt in North American history. In February 1692 in the town o...
- 06:22
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Mystery of Mount Shasta

Located in Siskiyou county in Northern California, Mount Shasta rises 14,162 feet above sea level. Its beautiful snow-capped peak and easy ...
- 07:07
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The Shoemaker of Silesia

The shoemaker of Silesia was one of the alleged vampiric cases that began to manifest themselves into the culture of Central and Eastern Eu...
- 05:50
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Glamis Castle

Located just over five miles south of the town of Forfar in Angus and looking like a Grimm fairy-tale, Glamis Castle was originally a 14th ...
- 06:17
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