De Soto's Quest for Cibola

In 1538 Hernando de Soto burst into Florida with a cabal of six hundred and twenty men who called themselves the ‘Men of Fire.’ With a manda...
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Lovelock Skull

A famous discovery of oversized human remains was first reported in 1911, when miners harvesting bat guano at Lovelock Cave (about 80 miles...
- 03:39
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Mystery of RI-002

On October 1, 1948, a cargo plane Douglas DC-3, registered as RI-002 took off from Yogyakarta. The plane was the backbone of Indonesia’s air...
- 06:20
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In the verdant green Boyne Valley are three huge earth mounds, the most impressive is called Newgrange. The two other nearby mounds are name...
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