Tasmanian Globster

Discovered from time to time on beaches throughout the world, globsters are mysterious blobs of flesh, occasionally covered with hair, tha...
- 15:54
Tasmanian Globster Tasmanian Globster Reviewed by Tripzibit on 15:54 Rating: 5

Australian Giant Monitor

Australian giant monitor or Megalania was a very large goanna or monitor lizard. It was part of a megafaunal assemblage that inhabited sout...
- 07:42
Australian Giant Monitor Australian Giant Monitor Reviewed by Tripzibit on 07:42 Rating: 5

Resurrection Mary

Resurrection Mary is one of Chicago’s most famous ghosts who haunts the town of Justice, a suburb of Chicago. She takes her name from the d...
- 04:48
Resurrection Mary Resurrection Mary Reviewed by Tripzibit on 04:48 Rating: 5
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