Thunderstone Phenomena

This account appeared in the March 14, 1912, issue of the august British scientific journal Nature: “During a heavy thunderstorm which en...
- 22:58
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Cthulhu the Bat-Winged Squid God Cthulhu the Bat-Winged Squid God Reviewed by Tripzibit on 07:23 Rating: 5
Phantom Hitchhiker of Route 44 Phantom Hitchhiker of Route 44 Reviewed by Tripzibit on 22:39 Rating: 5

Coso Geode

In February 1961, three rock hunters, Wallace Lane, Virginia Maxey and Mike Mikesell found what appeared to be a fossil-encrusted geode nea...
- 19:37
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Baltic Sea Mystery

Since its discovery at the bottom of the Baltic Sea in 2011, the anomaly has fascinated observers. Theories have ranged over its purpose si...
- 16:59
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Prajnaparamita Sutra

There is an image comes from the 10th Century Tibetan translation of the Sanskrit text "Prajnaparamita Sutra", held at a Japanese...
- 19:09
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One of the most influential books to appear in the fourteenth century was ostensibly written by Sir John Mandeville, who compiled an accoun...
- 15:28
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Harry the Haunted Head

The Museum of Witchcraft at Boscastle in Cornwall has become something of a national treasure to the Pagan and alternative communities not ...
- 16:04
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Lost City of Tartessus

Adolph Schulten, a German archaeologist thought that Tartessus (Tartessos) was the historical Atlantis and set about searching for the rui...
- 16:50
Lost City of Tartessus Lost City of Tartessus Reviewed by Tripzibit on 16:50 Rating: 5
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