Death Omen of Thomas Marr

Thomas Marr was a Scotsman who decided to go to America to make a better life for himself. In 1836 he arrived in West Virginia, where he fo...
- 18:39
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Father Gill UFO Case

On 26 June 1959, the missionary Rev William Bruce Gill, an Anglican priest with a mission in Bosinai, Papua New Guinea and his staff witnes...
- 16:28
Father Gill UFO Case Father Gill UFO Case Reviewed by Tripzibit on 16:28 Rating: 5
Honey Island Swamp Monster Honey Island Swamp Monster Reviewed by Tripzibit on 16:02 Rating: 5

Apollo 20 Secret Mission

In 1976, William Rutledge, a former astronaut stated that a top secret mission of Apollo 20 took place as a Soviet-American joint venture. ...
- 04:48
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The Ancient Wand of Syria The Ancient Wand of Syria Reviewed by Tripzibit on 14:57 Rating: 5
Strange Alien-like Creature In Ohio Strange Alien-like Creature In Ohio Reviewed by Tripzibit on 15:30 Rating: 5

Legend of Anjana

Anjana is a type of witch in Hispanic folklore, the name perhaps being derived from Jana or Diana.While according to Cantabrian mythology t...
- 06:30
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Mystery of Amazonian Circles Mystery of Amazonian Circles Reviewed by Tripzibit on 04:55 Rating: 5
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