Aramu Muru The Gate of The Gods

Aramu Muru is cut in the side of one such granite crest. This portal is 7 m high and 7 m wide, with a "T" shaped alcove in the bottom middle. The surface of the portal is polished. Alcove is some 2 m high - one man can fit into it. In the centre of alcove is a smaller depression. Locals are said to call the doorway the "Puerta de Hayu Marca," or "Gate of the Gods," this gate leads to the spirit world or even - to the world of gods and apparently few people disappearing through the doorway as well as of strange sights, such as "tall men accompanied by glowing balls of lights walking through the doorway."

In 1990s local tourist guide Jose Luis Delgado Mamani had unusual dreams. He saw weird, red mountain with a gate cut in it. The door of this portal was open and a blue, shimmering light was shining out of it. Mamani was surprised to find mountains similar to the ones in his dream. He asked the local old men whether there are some gates cut in these cliffs - and, yes, they confirmed - there is a gate. Some tried to dissuade Mamani from going there - "this is the true gate to the hell". When Mamani reached the gate, he almost passed out from excitement - this was the site which he saw in his dreams.

Aramu Muru The Mysterious Giant Stone Sculpture

Based on ancient legend, Aramu Muru (a priest of Coricancha temple) managed to escape from the deadly havoc in Cusco. He took one of the large golden disc with him which were given by gods to Inca. It is said that there were 3 discs which had powerful healing abilities known as "The key of the gods of the seven rays". Aramu Muru reached the Hayu Marca hills and hid there for a while. He stumbled on Inca priests - guardians of the portal and, when the guardians saw the golden disc, there was arranged a special ritual at the gate.

This secret ritual opened the giant portal and blue light was shining from it. Aramu Muru entered the portal and has never been seen again. The gate got his name. It is not known when Aramu Muru was made and who did it - but most likely it happened before Incas. No archaeological research has been done here.


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