Hampton Lillibridge the Haunted House in Savannah

The Hampton Lillibridge House is located at 507 East Saint Julian Street on Washington Square, this house built originally by Rhode Islander named Hampton Lillibridge in 1796. Stories have surrounded this house for many years, ever since Jim Williams had the house moved to St. Julian Street. Demonic presences, ghostly visions and more were reported by Jim Williams. The house was soo haunted that a Catholic Bishop was called in to perform an exorcism on the house. Apparently the hauntings continued in the house even with the efforts of the Bishop to rid the house of any spiritual or demonic presence.

After Mr. Lillibridge died, his wife remarried and sold the home. The house was the bought and sold a number of times and it became a boarding house. During that period there is a story that a sailor hung himself on the third story of the house. In 1963 an antique dealer Jim Williams finally bought the place. Before he had purchased the house it was vacant for a number of years. The house then was in a bad state. Williams at the same time had also purchased the neighboring house and decided to restore both of them. 
Hampton Lillibridge House

During Jim’s restoration of the Hampton Lillibridge house, the workers were tormented by an unseen force. They reported hearing voices in the house, as well as the unnerving sound of footsteps when no one was there to make them along with the feeling that they were not alone. When the houses were being relocated, the second house collapsed and a laborer was crushed to death.

Finally, after so many sightings and reported paranormal phenomena, on December 7th, 1963 an exorcism was performed on the Hampton Lillibridge house by the Episcolpal Diocese of Georgia. The exorcism went on for a full 45 minutes, yet within a week the activity began to surface once again. This time with a vengeance. Voices, Footsteps, screams and the feeling of a very malevolent male presence permeated the Hampton Lillibridge house.





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