Sayhuite Stones

Sayhuite (Saywite) is an archaeological site 47 kilometres (29 mi) east of the city Abancay in the province Abancay in the region Apurímac in Peru. This site is located on top of the hill called Concacha. Beyond the ruins of the Inca temple are automobile sized andesite stones which have clearly been shaped, but the question is by who, and when? Andesite is as hard as granite, and the Inca had at best bronze tools and meteorite iron hammers, so they probably did not shape them.

The monolith measures four meters wide and two meters long. The surface is carved with more than 200 figures of geometric and zoomorphic shapes, mostly felines, reptiles, frogs, and serpents. These animals all have sensual flowing qualities, representing a close association with water.

The entire rock itself is even formed in the shape of a feline head. It is said to have been transported to the hill since it is not a natural outcrop. There is another stone also has odd circular and rectangular depressions in it; these could have been achieved during the original work, or by the Inca long afterwards. What their function was is unclear. Whatever these rocks may have been used for during the Inca or pre Inca civilizations, they look as if they served a specific purpose, but today, no one can be sure of what that could be.

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