Tesla's Anti-Gravity Technology

According to one version of the story, Tesla’s anti-gravity saucer technology was perfected in the 1950s by Otis T. Carr. Carr is believed to have followed Tesla’s lead to construct several functioning flying saucers. Carr hoped to take one of the craft to the moon. Shortly after a successful test flight, however, Carr’s laboratory was ordered closed by the federal government. His equipment, including the saucers, was confiscated. (Another version of the story is that Carr publicized his intention to demonstrate his saucers to the public. Among his development deals was a promise to create a flying saucer amusement ride for the Frontier City Amusement Park in Oklahoma. Carr provided the park with a mock-up of a saucer and promised to demonstrate the real thing at the park. He would then take a larger craft from the amusement park to the moon and return in just a few hours. Neither Carr nor his saucers made their promised appearances. In 1961 Carr was convicted of selling unregistered securities in Oklahoma and was sentenced to time in prison.)

Ralph Ring claims to have been Carr’s assistant and co-pilot, and reports that he piloted a 45-foot saucer, the OTC-X1, at the speed of light. He describes the experience:

"Fly is not the right word. It traversed distance. It seemed to take no time. I was with two other engineers when we piloted the 45-foot craft about ten miles. I thought it hadn’t moved – I thought it had failed. I was completely astonished when we realized that we had returned with samples of rocks and plants from our destination. It was a dramatic success. It was more like a kind of teleportation."

Furthermore, when the craft was operational, passengers experienced strange sensations:

". . . the metal turned to Jell-O. You could push your finger right into it. It ceased to be solid. It turned into another form of matter, which was as if it was not entirely here in this reality. That’s the only way I can attempt to describe it. It was uncanny, one of the weirdest sensations I’ve ever felt."

Others believe that saucer technology was well advanced even in Tesla’s lifetime, and that it was related to strange transmissions received by Tesla in 1899. Tim Swartz believes that light is shed on the story through information found in Tesla’s journals, once thought lost, but recently recovered (at least for a short while).


Weird Science and Bizarre Beliefs: "Mysterious Creatures, Lost Worlds, and Amazing Inventions" by Gregory L. Reece

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Weird Science and Bizarre Beliefs: "Mysterious Creatures, Lost Worlds, and Amazing Inventions" by Gregory L. Reece page 205
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