Hopkinsville Incident

One of the most amazing close encounter cases of all times occurred on the evening of August 22, 1955. The Sutton family of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, was minding their own business when a “spaceship” landed in their backyard. The witnesses signed statements as well as composite drawings of the creatures. No evidence of a hoax has ever surfaced. The Hopkinsville incidents were taken seriously enough as to be officially investigated by the United States Air Force. According to the Sutton family, when their teenage son, Billy Ray Taylor, left the farmhouse that Sunday evening to get a drink from the well he saw a bright object land about a city block away from the farmhouse. He came inside and excitedly reported to the other 10 occupants of the house that he had seen a flying saucer. He said it was at an altitude of about 40 feet when it dropped to the ground at the end of the fields. The others did not go outside to investigate, thinking he had merely seen a shooting star.

An hour later the dog started barking, and two of the men went out to investigate. The dog ran under the house, and the men saw a figure approaching from the field. The creature was three and a half feet tall with a large head, and its arms reached almost to the ground. The smallish aliens looked like monsters with their nickel-plated jumpsuits, their glowing, yellow eyes, and their otherworldly appearance. When it got within twenty feet of the two men, they opened up on it with a shotgun and a .22 rifle. Frank Sutton quickly fired at the creature. The bullet appeared to hit the creature, but it just fell down and got back up and ran away.

Other Sutton family members crept outside to investigate when suddenly the creature appeared on the roof of the house and grabbed at one of the family members. They shot at the creature again, but it just floated slowly down and scampered away. Meanwhile, more of the strange creatures appeared and began to creep around the house, appearing and disappearing. Another creature was seen in a maple tree. The men shot it, knocking it off the limb, and it floated to the ground. Another creature appeared from around the corner of the house, and the men shot it from extremely close range. The shotgun pellets made a sound as if they had hit a metal bucket. The creature flipped over and ran away.

After more attempts to drive the creatures away failed, the Suttons had enough. They piled into their car and raced to the police station. By this time it was after 11 P.M., and when they showed up at the station, the witnesses were in a state of such hysteria that police chief Russell Greenwell said it was evident something “beyond reason, not ordinary,” had frightened them. The witnesses had no idea how many of the creatures there were. They could be certain only that there were at least two because once they saw that number at the same time.

With Chief Greenwell in the lead, more than a dozen state, country, and city law enforcement officers arrived to investigate the farmers’ claims and, if necessary, do battle with the alien invaders. On the way to the farm scene, the officers noticed what appeared to be a peculiar shower of meteors coming from the direction of the Sutton farmhouse. One officer later said that the meteors had made a “swishing sound” as they passed overhead.

Although the small army of law enforcement officers found no traces of extraterrestrial aliens or their spaceship, they found several “peculiar signs and indications” that something mighty strange had taken place that evening on the Suttons’ farm. Sutton claimed that he had blasted one of the beings point-blank with his shotgun, only to have the creature simply do a somersault and roll off into the darkness. Taylor, one of the other men at the Sutton place that night, told investigators that he had used up four boxes of shells on the little men.

Everyone except the occupants left at 2 A.M. The creatures were again periodically seen at the windows for about two more hours, and on one occasion Lucky Sutton shot one through a window. The final sighting occurred at 4:45 a.m. There was no evidence that the witnesses had been drinking. They were genuinely scared, with elevated pulse rates.

Coral and Jim Lorenzen of the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization (APRO) later researched the case. They found the witnesses credible and concluded that the family had seen something not from this world.

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