The Enfield House

One of the most famous haunted houses in Great Britain is in Enfield, England. At the time of the haunting, in 1977, the house belonged to...
- July 28, 2010
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The Knowles UFO Encounter

One of the most unique UFO encounters from the 1980s occurred on the Nullabor Plain, in a remote area of Australia. On January 20, 1988, t...
- July 23, 2010
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For centuries, levitation has been associated with religious, mystical, or magical practices. For example, according to Catholic tradit...
- July 19, 2010
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The Menehune are the wee people of the Hawaiian Islands; and just as there are folk legends and beliefs that the fairies of the British I...
- July 16, 2010
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The White Ship

The White Ship a twelfth-century vessel, sank in the English Channel near the Normandy coast off Barfleur, on 25 November 1120. A tragedy th...
- July 12, 2010
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The Glozel Artifacts

In Glozel, France, there is a little necropolis where over 60 years ago finds have been made. About 2500 objects have been discovered wit...
- July 07, 2010
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Springheel Jack

The figure’s presence was first noted in September 1837 when he assaulted four separate persons, three of them women, at locations in and a...
- July 02, 2010
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