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Genetic Disk

This disk from South America is one of the most interesting and confusing finds of archaeology. The unique relic is made of black stone and measures about 22 cm in diameter. It weights about 2 kg. It was not made of artificial materials like cement but of lydite. It was dated in a prehistoric epoch, and assigned to the Muisca-culture. On the disk there are carvings that describes the astonishing knowledge of our ancestors. The object has been examined in the Museum of Natural History, Vienna, Austria. Dr. Vera M. F. Hammer, expert for precious stones and minerals, analysed the object.

The symbols on the disk are very impressive. The obverse and reverse side are decorated with carvings and ornaments, separated with single vertical stripes. On the edge of the disk there is a symbol of a snake. In the middle the disk shows a hole, maybe a hint that the disc originally was fixed on a stick and then turned around. One side shows biological details like male sperms, female egg cell and the genitals, the fertilized egg, foetus and the growing embryo. The other side shows scenes that could be interpreted as the cell division and depiction of frog creatures in different stages.

Dr. Algund Eemboom MD, and his colleges analysed the different segments of the disk. His result was that it is possible to recognize the phases of evolution of human life on the disk. Very significant are the distant lying eyes and the broad nose. This is a characteristic of the embryonic structure of the head.

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Distelberger, internationally recognized expert for precious stones and director of the Schatzkammer, Vienna, said that the disk has a very complex content. That is the reason why many scientists cried fraud as the disk appeared. It cannot be classified in the known South American system of cultures.

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