Giant Stone Eggs

Mysterious giant “stone eggs” discovered on 2007 at a construction site in Bandeng Hill and Zhanlong Hill, Gongxi Town of Hunan Province. According to The Epoch Times, the “eggs,” along with a large copper sword, were unearthed by highway construction workers while they were digging the foundation for a road. Some geologists have speculated the eggs are natural formations of carbonate rock which snowballed slowly in oscillating water, but no one is certain what they are, indeed, they are natural. The unique perfection of their shape suggests to some that they are of intelligent design.

Ranging from watermelon- to table-size, the eggs have been taken from many “nests” uncovered by the workers. The eggs are oval in shape, with a wide range of sizes; the smallest one being no bigger than a water melon, while the largest is reported as being the size of a big table. Upon closer examination they look like eggs from the outside, but are very shiny and black on the inside. The copper sword which the construction team had also discovered was found to weigh over 1,000 pounds. Unfortunately the sword disappeared later and there are no leads as to the identities of the people involved in the theft. The incident has been reported to the police.

The Chinese “eggs” remind some observers of the large and perfectly spherical stone balls found in many places in Costa Rica. Anthropologist George Erikson and his colleague Ivar Zapp in their book Atlantis in America: Navigators of the Ancient World argued that the mysterious Costa Rican balls are markers from a lost ancient navigation system. So far, though, no one has offered any such theory for the Chinese finds.

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Pic Source :
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