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Believers in the theory that Earth has a hollow (Hollow Earth), inhabitable core sometimes also believe in evil creatures called the Deros, which were supposedly created through genetic engineering. Resembling demons, these creatures supposedly visit the surface of the earth to kidnap human beings, whom they then become a subject to a variety of tortures. They also supposedly wreak destruction on the inhabitants of Earth’s surface by using technologically advanced machines hidden in caves to alter weather, alter brain waves to cause mental illness, and cause industrial, traffic, and other accidents. The idea of the Deros originated with Richard Sharpe Shaver, who, in 1943, told the editor of the magazine Amazing Stories that he had seen these beings; their name, he said, was derived from the words detrimental robots, though they were not actually robots but living creatures.

According to Shaver, the creators of the Deros, whom he called the Titans, were beings as tall as 300 feet (91.4m) who had originally come from an ancient yet highly advanced civilization called Lemuria.

12,000 years ago Deros were forced to escape into great caverns under the earth to avoid deadly radiation from the sun. (Some Titans, however, stayed on the surface, adjusted, and became the present human race. Others fled to distant planets.) Deros--demons in all but name and close to it even there-were sadistic idiots who had access to the advanced Titan technology, which they used to increase sexual pleasure during the orgies to which they were addicted. They also used the machines in marathon torture sessions on kidnapped surface people and also on the "teros" (integrative robots, who were not robots but good Titans who, though vastly outnumbered, were fighting the deros); they also employed the machines to cause accidents, madness, and other miseries in the world above the caves.

Shaver believed that the only hope for eliminating the Deros were the Teros, which were also created by the Titans and were heroic humanlike beings who, though small in number, were intent on fighting the Deros. Amazing Stories editor Raymond A. Palmer published many tales based on Shaver’s supposed adventures in the hollow-Earth realm, not only in Amazing Stories but in its sister publication, Fantastic Adventures, as well. (Shaver’s name was on these stories, but they were actually ghostwritten by Palmer.)

A flood of letters crossed Palmer's desk, some from individuals who claimed they, too, had met with the deros and barely lived to tell Amazing about it. Chester S. Geier, one of the magazine's regular contributors, started the Shaver Mystery Club as a way both of handling the mail and of "investigating" the "evidence" for the deros.

The first of these stories, “I Remember Lemuria,” which appeared in Amazing Stories in 1945, prompted a few other people to claim they had encountered the Deros too. However, many of the magazines’ fans complained about the Shaver tales, which increasingly explored the sexually perverse nature of the Deros, and in 1948 the magazines stopped publishing the stories.

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  1. Hi. It's been a while since my last visit here. Wow, you still got intriguing stories I see.

  2. Now this is one I haven't heard of before, but it's an interesting account of the Deros. Let's hope we don't encounter them, but I should keep my digital camera on me at all times just in case. LOL!

    Happy New Year to you my friend!

  3. (@Con Artist Trickster) Thanks for dropping by and Happy New Year

    (@David Funk)Lol, i hope so. Happy New Year to you too

  4. I see this is an old post, but I was watching the Japanese horror film Marebito from 2004 which talks about the Deros quite a bit.


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