The Socorro Incident

Zamora’s encounter with visitors from other planet or also called the Socorro Incident, received considerable coverage in the mass media, and is sometimes regarded as one of the best documented, yet most perplexing UFO reports. On April 24, 1964, Lonnie Zamora a New Mexico police officer was chasing a speeding car down the highway when he saw a white flame in the distance (He later described the flame as blue and orange, from top towards the bottom, being narrower at the top) and heard a strange explosion. He decided that to investigate it, so he stopped chasing the speeder and began to drive towards the source of the disturbance. As he approached the area, he was shocked to see something literally out of this world.

Zamora drove towards the scene, radioing his dispatcher to say he would be out of his car "checking the car in the arroyo." He stopped his car, got out, and attended to the radio mic, which he had dropped, then he started to approach the object. Zamora had to travel slowly up a steep incline, but when he reached the top he saw a shiny object between 150 - 200 yards from his position. A giant, white egg-shaped object with a strange symbol on the side had just landed in a field. Standing next to the craft were two short humanoid figures about the size of “a young boy or a small adult” dressed in weird white jumpsuits. The two figures quickly climbed into the craft, which took off with a roaring flame. Officer Zamora hid behind his squad car as the craft roared overhead and disappeared into the sky.

A UFO with strange symbol on the side as described by Lonnie Zamora

Zamora quickly alerted the other officers and an official investigation followed. The United States Air Force and the FBI both investigated the case. At the landing site, they discovered several deep impressions in the ground. There was also a dark burned section where the craft had taken off. Finally, strange metal samples were recovered from the site. NASA scientist Dr. Henry Frankel conducted an analysis of the metal and found that it was composed of an unusual alloy of zinc and iron. Incredibly, this alloy could not have been made on earth, and the scientist concluded, “This finding definitely strengthens the case that might be made for an extraterrestrial origin of the Socorro object.” Because of the physical evidence, Zamora’s case generated huge interest. Further research revealed several other witnesses who also saw the UFO as it darted away.

Within hours, word of Zamora's encounter had reached the news: many people had heard the radio traffic, including a few reporters. Within days, reporters from the Associated Press and United Press International were in Socorro. Members of civilian UFO study group APRO were on the scene within two days, as were officers representing the U.S. Air Force's Project Blue Book. NICAP investigators appeared the following Tuesday. The first NICAP investigator was Ray Stanford, who would later write a detailed book account of his investigation.

On April 26 – two days after the Socorro event – at about 3.00 am, a UFO identical to that seen by Zamora was reported to have landed some 300 km (about 200 miles) north of Socorro at La Madera, New Mexico. The eye-witnesses to this second event, Orlando Gallego and his family, denied all knowledge of Zamora's sighting. Police reportedly found evidence of burning around the site.

In October 2009, Stanford first publicly revealed that Sgt. Chavez, the first policeman to provide backup for Zamora, had privately confided to fellow police officers that he too had seen the object rapidly departing to the west over the mountains as he approached the site. However, in public statements, Chavez was firm that he arrived too late to see the object. When Chavez first arrived at the scene within a minute or two after the object had departed, he also noted that burnt bushes were still smoldering and Zamora appeared to be in a state of shock.

UFO Investigators, Jacques Vallee later discovered that the symbol on the side of the craft was the Arabic astrological symbol for Venus. Could this have been the origin of the UFO craft? While astronomers have discovered that Venus is too hot to sustain life, perhaps the E.T.s have used their technology to build a base there. And in fact, E.T.s have claimed to have bases in various places on earth and other planets.

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