Kilstuitheen The Phantom Island

For several centuries, mysterious islands were reportedly appearing and disappearing along the west and north of Ireland. The witnesses claimed, these were more than just mirages. According to the Irish folklore of County Clare, beside Hy Brasil, there is another mysterious island called Kilstiffin, Kilstapheen, or Kilstuitheen with a city of great riches, sank beneath the waves after the defeat of its king in battle. It now reportedly that the sunken church and city, of which the golden dome appears off the Clare coast once every seven years. County Clare is located in the province of Munster, Ireland. There was a Neolithic civilization in the Clare area — the name of the peoples is unknown, but the Prehistoric peoples left evidence behind in the form of ancient dolmen; single-chamber megalithic tombs, usually consisting of three or more upright stones. The remains of the people inside the tomb have been excavated and dated to 3800 BC.

The purported resting place of Conan Maol

ased on the Kilstuitheen legend, there is a key, hidden somewhere in Ireland, which will raise the island from its grave. Those who have witnessed the island’s appearances have described seeing churches, towers, a monastery, and on one occasion horsemen.

One of the purported location for the key was beneath a megalithic monument on Mount Callan in County Clare. Widely believed to the tomb of the ancient warrior Conan Maol, the monument’s cryptic ogham inscriptions had caused great debate amongst academics at the turn of the 18th century; and many travelled to Clare to study the tomb and its markings first hand. But the arrival of Mr. Burton in 1765 aroused great suspicion amongst the local people: they believed he was searching for the key to Kilstuitheen. If that was Burton’s goal there is no record of his find, and when the monument was removed in 1850, an excavation uncovered only bone and iron.

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