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Falcon Lake Incident

One of the most famous UFO landings in Canada occurred on May 20, 1967. On that day, Stephen (Stefan) Michalak was exploring the wilderness near Falcon Lake, Manitoba in Canada when he saw two red cigar-shaped objects glowing in the sky. One of them suddenly descended 160 feet away. It was about 35 feet in diameter and he could see strange colored lights flashing inside when a door opened. The UFO appears to be hot stainless steel, whirring, hissing, and emitting purplish light from horizontal slits. He crept closer until he heard weird voices coming from inside. Thinking maybe it was an experimental Russian craft, he asked in Russian, “Do you speak Russian?” When he got no response, he tried five different languages and still there was no response. 

Michalak then decided to get closer. He walked right up to the craft and looked through the opening. He saw a bright “maze” of lights on a panel, all flashing in different sequences. Michalak accidentally touches the walls, causing the UFO to take off, blasting Michalak with hot gas that burns his shirt, undershirt, and chest. Almost immediately he started to feel very sick. He was rushed to the hospital where he began to suffer a number of alarming symptoms including a headache, diarrhea, weakness, dizziness, vomiting, hives, numbness, swelling of joints, eye irritation, and burns. He was unable to keep any food down and lost 22 pounds. His blood lymphocyte level decreased from a normal 25 percent to a dangerous 16 percent. More than 27 doctors examined Michalak, and the only explanation that seemed to fit was exposure to radiation.

The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) had an interest in Michalak's case and since they could not identify the landing site alone, on June 1, they asked Michalak to accompany them. But, Michalak could not find the exact location of the sighting, which also cast doubt on his claim. The RCMP also confirmed that he consumed several bottles of beer on the night before the incident. On June 26 Michalak was able to memorize the landing site and he found his personal stuffs that he had left in a hurry. However after the RCMP tested the soil for radioactivity, the result were negative.

 Falcon Lake Map

A month later, the RCMP officers and Michalak recovered a semicircle on the landing site, with diameter of 15 feet on July 28. There were radiation traces in a crack in the rock at site. However no traces of radiation were found outside the circle or the grass below the rock. The radioactive material that found in the rock was identified as radium 226, an isotope found in world wide for commercial use, and waste from nuclear power plants. They concluded that the radiation level is not harmful to humans in the landing site.

In 1999, Michalak died at the age of 83. The Canadian government stated that the Falcon Lake incident remain unsolved.

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