Map of the Creator

In 2002 the scientists of Bashkir State University in Russia claim that they found an undeniable proof of the existence of a highly advanced civilization in the distant past. Their evidence is a stone slab with weight more than a ton, (with dimension approximately five feet long by three-and-a-half feet wide, and six inches thick) its age estimated, probably millions of years. The stone slab was found beneath the house of one of the community leader in the city of Ufa, the surface of the slab showed an amazing accuracy of 3D relief map of the Ural Mountain. The discoverer eventually called it "Map of the Creator."

Alexander Chuvyrov, professor of physics and mathematics, the discoverer, said that during his research of the traces of ancient Chinese influence in the region and had heard the stories of the 20th century researchers from various ancient slabs. Even though he's very interested, he barely couldn't find any single stone slab, until one day when a head of the local agricultural committee told him that there is one stone slab beneath his house.
After recover it, Chuvyrov being shocked because he found a map that most accurately described many existing natural features, and many no longer exist, including the discovery of a system of canals, dams and reservoirs, and the inscriptions in an unknown language.

It was first discovered in July 1999, and has been subjected to numerous test by the scientist of Russia. The results are surprising, to say the least. The age determinations have been based on radio-carbon dating test, however the origin of the stone is still questionable. The technical difficulties in creating such an accurate map of this discovery is much more than any ancient culture that previously believes by orthodox scientists which have occupied the region, or elsewhere, anywhere on Earth.

This map is still very difficult to reproduce. Some researchers believe that this slab is a fragment of a complete map of the earth.

Atlantis Rising Magazine Vol. 35 "Ancient 3D Map Found In Russia"
Pic Source:
Atlantis Rising Magazine Vol. 35 page 10


Rational νεόφυτος said...

So what is the age of the stone then?

Tripzibit said...

@Rational νεόφυτος: It's age is estimated million of years

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