Hickson and Parker Abduction

One of the most electrifying UFO contact cases occurred on October 11, 1973, to two fishermen in Pascagoula, Mississippi. On that evening, Calvin Parker, 19, and Charles Hickson, 42 sat in their favorite fishing spot near an old shipyard. Hickson had just caught a fish when they both heard a weird “zipping sound” coming from behind, then it landed in a clearing about 35 yards behind them. Turning around, they saw a 30-foot-long football shaped object with two portholes. Suddenly, a door opened and a bright white light streamed out. Seconds later, three five-foot-tall figures glided out of the craft and floated toward the two frightened fishermen.

It was instantly obvious that these figures were not human. The odd-appearing beings were gray-colored with wrinkled bodies and clawlike hands..Says Hickson, “If they had a more human likeness, it would not have shocked me so. The head seemed to come directly to the shoulders, no neck, and something resembling a nose came out to a point about two inches long. On each side of the head, about where ears would be, was something similar to the nose. Directly under the nose was a slit resembling a mouth. The arms were something like human arms, but long in proportion to the body; the hands resembled a mitten—there was a thumb attached. The legs remained together and the feet looked something like elephant’s feet. The entire body was wrinkled and had a grayish color. There could have been eyes, but the area above the nose was so wrinkled, I couldn’t tell.”

Both the men had the impression that the figures were actually robots. Calvin Parker was so frightened that he fainted. Two of the entities grabbed Hickson by the arms, and the man felt himself becoming paralyzed. The third picked up Parker, and together the group moved back into the craft. Charles Hickson, however, had been in the Korean War and knew what intense fear was like. This experience, he said, was far scarier. He found himself in a room with white, rounded walls, floating and unable to move. They were each taken to separate rooms.

Next, a bright light with an eye-shaped lens came out of the wall and circled around his body as if it was examining him. The E.T.s left for a moment. Hickson called out for his friend, but got no response. Moments later, the E.T.s returned and floated Hickson back into the first room and then outside the craft. Calvin was also there, shaking with fear.

The E.T.s then returned to their craft and took off. As they left Hickson received a strong message through telepathy from the E.T.s: “We are peaceful; we meant you no harm.” The two men raced to the police station to report their encounter. To see if they were lying, the sheriff hid a tape recorder inside his desk and left the men alone. He knew that if they were lying, they would probably talk about it. But when he reviewed the tape, the men stuck to their story. Parker even broke down crying.

Further investigation revealed that several police officers in the area had also seen UFOs around the same time. The case soon became hugely famous. Both men later underwent hypnosis and lie detector tests. No evidence of hoaxing was ever found. Hickson later had further encounters involving much of his family.

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