Cochran Ghost Town

Cochran Ghost Town is a place of mystery and intrigue, it is located north of the 33rd parallel, along the Gila River. The town itself was named for John. S. Cochran, the first postmaster. There is a row of five domed structures along this prominent river in Arizona that are as beautiful as they are baffling. The Beehives, as they have become known, are located one mile Southwest of the ghost town overlooking the West side of the Gila River. They are 32 feet high, 72 feet around and made from stone granite blocks held in place without mortar, in a feat of masonic engineering. There is a three-foot by six-foot door at the front and a three-foot by five-foot opening at the upper rear of each one.

 The mysterious domes also known as Cochran Coke Ovens

Unfortunately, there are no documented sources concerning the origin of the domes at this site. Some people claim they were built by an ancient Indian tribe from Central America, since strikingly similar beehive-like structures have been found there. Others believe early Spaniards were responsible for building them.

One theory of particular interest is that they were built as lead smelters by Phoenicians who arrived here circa 1500 B.C.E. and founded a city nearby, which later became Phoenix. A professor from Northern Arizona University, Dr. Ronald Ives, writes of the Phoenician theory that “a considerable amount of evidence suggests either one or more pre-Columbian visits to the area by Europeans . . .” In fact, as can be seen in subsequent books in this series, there is an accumulating mound of evidence supporting pre-Columbian visits by not only European explorers, but those from the Far East, the Middle East, and the Near East as well.


Mystery of America: “Enigmatic Mysteries and Anomalous Artifacts of North America – A Connection to the Ancient Past” by Tedd St. Rain;;

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Risna Wiraditya said...

dude, this is spooky!! maybe i should write it on comic about this things! but you can go to home and see my works;

Tripzibit said...

@wira ditya: That would be an interesting comic :)

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