Montauk Monster

In July 2008 there was an unidentified creature that washed ashore, it was found dead by Jenna Hewitt (26) and her three friends on a beach ...
- August 31, 2012
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Blair Witch Legend

In 1785, in the town of Blair, Maryland, an Irish-born woman named Elly Kedward was accused by the local townspeople of witchcraft. She was...
- August 28, 2012
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Drake Equation

The Drake equation devised by Dr. Frank Drake in the 1960s, the equation supposedly allows a person to calculate the number of extraterrestr...
- August 21, 2012
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Green Fireballs

Since the late of 1940s a strange aerial phenomenon briefly appeared in the Earth’s lower atmosphere. For a time sightings, virtually all of...
- August 14, 2012
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Mystery of Anjikuni Village

In 1930's a mysterious disappearance occured in Anjikuni (Angikuni) village, located about fifty miles away from the Churchill police st...
- August 10, 2012
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On November 22, 1870, one of the most incredible of putative crypto-crossbreeds made its media debut in an Ottawa Times newspaper article af...
- August 07, 2012
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Amazing Coincidences

This world is filled with bizarre events and unusual coincidences. According to Wikipedia a “coincidence” is a collection of two or more ev...
- August 03, 2012
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