Montauk Monster

In July 2008 there was an unidentified creature that washed ashore, it was found dead by Jenna Hewitt (26) and her three friends on a beach near the business district of Montauk, New York. It is unknown what happened to the carcass. The identity of the creature, and the veracity of stories surrounding it, have been the subject of unresolved controversy and speculation. Some people think it is a turtle without its shell, a raccoon, a dog, even a pig, while the other think it is movie props or lab tested animal from Plum Island.

Hewitt and her friends were interviewed on Plum-TV, a local public-access television show. Alanna Navitski, an employee of Evolutionary Media Group in Los Angeles, California, passed a photo of the creature to Anna Holmes at Jezebel, claiming that a friend's sister saw the monster in Montauk. Holmes then passed it along to fellow Gawker Media website ( which gave it wide attention on July 29 under the headline "Dead Monster Washes Ashore in Montauk".

Montauk Monster found by Jenna Hewitt on 2008

On July, 2008 a Cryptozoologist named Loren Coleman first coined the creature as the Montauk Monster. He is a director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

Interestingly another unidentified creature also found dead in Northville, New York on March 30th, 2011. And recently on July 2012, there was another discovery of a similar looking creature beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, in the East River, New York City. Many wondered if the legendary Montauk Monster had returned to the New York area.

 Unknown creature found by Denise Ginley on 2012

Denise Ginley, the lady who captured the images on recent discovery, said: "We were horrified by it and we took some camera phone pictures and then finally we decided to come back with my camera and I got up the courage to climb over the fence and get closer to it."

The pictures snapped by Ginley show something that looks very much like an unusual animal. On first glance it appears that the animal is simply a bloated pig – a theory the New York Parks Department insist is correct – but closer inspection reveals that the animal appears to have toes rather than hooves with a hairless body and beak and claw.

Until today the identification of Montauk Monster is still debated.


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