Afonya the Russian Snowman

A group of teenagers on a fishing expedition to Lake Lovozero in the Murmansk Region of Russia were pestered in their cabin and chased for several days in August and September 1988 by an aggressive creature they nicknamed “Afonya.” They reported while sitting around the campfire in the evening, they were bombarded with large stones and took shelter in the cabin. Before going to bed, one of the boys went outside to relieve himself, saw the Snowman crouched in some berry bushes, and ran back to the cabin terrified. Later in the night, the Snowman turned up on the roof, and like a deranged Santa Claus he tried to enter the hut through the chimney. Luckily a fire was burning, so the Snowman must have severely burned himself. He yelped, jumped off the roof, and ran away.

The next day, large tracks were found as well as sizeable piles of excrement. It was also seen by a local game warden. Maya Bykova and a team of researchers visited the area shortly afterward and succeeded in catching a glimpse of Afonya.

According to the witnesses Afonya has 7–8 feet height, body-hair mostly light gray with lighter and darker patches, dark skin, round head, wide forehead, face wrinkled, reddish eyes, set wide apart, arms hang to the knees, light-colored buttocks.

Bykova and the researchers returned the following summer and uncovered tracks, hair, feces, and additional testimony. Bykova developed a specific call that Afonya responded to and answered, and she was able to entice it to the cabin where the teenagers had stayed. Her assistant, Nikolai Damilin, used a different call equally successfully.

The team carried out experiments using tape recordings of animal sounds that included the calls of primates. One of the creatures went to the cabin in response to the sounds and left footprints. Strange whistling was recorded several times and analyzed by Leonid Yershov.

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