Baigong Pipes

On June 2002, an official Chinese news agency has reported that researchers are investigating what have been described as “ET relics” in the far western province of Qinghai. Located on Mount Baigong, the tower is near three caves with triangular openings, filled with redhued pipes which lead into the mountain and a nearby saltwater lake. According to Xinhua news agency, nine scientist were examining a mysterious pyramid-like structure which local legend says was a launch tower left by aliens from space. The mysterious pipes were first discovered by a group of scientists from United States, they already reported the pipes to local authorities in Delingha but, it were ignored. Then after several reports, it appeared in the “Henan Dahe Bao” (Henan Great River News). Now the local government promotes the Baigong Pipes as a tourist attraction.

The site, known by local people as "the ET relics", is on Mount Baigong about 40 kilometers to the southwest of Delingha City. The so-called ET relics structure is located on the south bank of the salty lake. It looks like a pyramid and is between 50 to 60meters high. At the front of the pyramid are three caves with triangular openings. The cave in the middle is the biggest, with its floor standing two meters above the ground and its top eight meters above the ground.

ET Relics
This cave is about six meters in depth. Inside there is a half-pipe about 40 centimeters in diameter tilting from the top to the inner end of the cave. Another pipe of the same diameter goes into the earth with only its top visible above the ground.

Moreover, rusty iron scraps and pipes amid stones of unusual shape are scattered about the largely deserted area. Analysis of the "rusty scraps" by Liu Shaolin at a "local smeltery" reportedly found that they consist of 30 percent ferric oxide and large amounts of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide. Because any metallurgical analysis reports the composition of a material analyzed, not in terms of the actual minerals comprising it, but only in terms of percentages of the oxides of the specific elements present, the calcium present in the "pipes" could have been in the form of calcite, a mineral that naturally forms concretions.

According to the Times of India, a research fellow at a nearby observatory of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said the theory that the pyramid was created by extra terrestrials was “understandable and worth looking into.” No further details on the age of the structure or other theories of its origins were immediately forthcoming.

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