The New Hampshire Dwarf

Most cultures throughout the world have myths, legends, and folklore about small Entities who stand anywhere from 4 feet 6 inches to only a few inches tall. One of them is the New Hampshire Dwarf. Little people often represent the world lived in by children: they are imperfectly understood, inferior, and yet compelled to do the bidding of adults. However the New Hampshire Dwarf only 2 feet tall, is very different from the traditional Little People of Britain and Ireland, who are much more human in appearance.

First seen at Derry on 15 December 1956, he was not very human in appearance. He was green in colour, with a wrinkled skin like elephant hide, and his head was high and domed. The ears were like a bloodhounds, the eyes had a film over them like a snake’s, there were simply two holes for a nose. His arms and legs were short, the hands like stumps and the feet lacking toes. Nor did he have any clothes. Alfred Horne, the man who saw this strange little entity was gathering Christmas trees in a wood. He watched it for twenty minutes before trying to catch it, at which it made a screeching sound, and the witness fled. In a different account he said it vanished when he bent to pick up a bundle.

The literature on Little people is vast. Descriptions vary widely depending on the environment and local belief systems. Some cultures have difficulty distinguishing between the real and the mythic worlds, and the cryptozoologist trying to make sense of it all runs the risk of making the false assumption that these creatures have a basis in physical reality. Often, the legends are cited as evidence for Small Hominids, which might include anything from an unknown race of human Pygmies to surviving australopiths or unclassified species of apes or monkeys.

Perhaps some folktales are based on beings that went extinct thousands of years ago and have become distorted, amplified, or hopelessly entangled with other motifs. UFO books often describe entities resembling traditional fairies or "little people," or reptilian or frog-like "cryptids," that are assumed to be "aliens" even though no mysterious craft is reported nearby. Many ufologists presume that any odd-looking humanoid not obviously of the "Bigfoot" or "hairy hominid" type must be an extraterrestrial, even if no UFO is mentioned.

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