The Mysterious Babushka Lady

In 1963, after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, film footage that had been provided by a witness was carefully checked for clues to the killer’s identity. Unexpectedly, a mysterious woman was spotted standing on a grassy knoll wearing a brown overcoat and scarf. The woman appeared to be holding something in her hands which is believed to be a camera, and she continued filming the scene even as the majority of the crowd fled after the shooting. Babushka Lady is the nickname given to the mysterious woman because she looked like a Russian grandmother (babushka). She eventually walked away to the east up Elm Street where she disappeared from history forever.

After the incident she never showed up. The police and the FBI could not find her, and the questioned film shot from her position never turned up, even though the FBI request to local photo processors that they would be interested in any pictures or films of the assassination.

Babushka Lady caught on tape

On the day of the assassination November 22, 1963, a Kodak technician in Dallas named Jack Harrison, claimed to have developed, an out-of-focus color slide that showed a brunette woman in her late 30s looks similar to the position of Babushka Lady.

In 1970, Beverly Oliver claimed herself as Babushka Lady. However she has not been able to provide convincing proof she was there. Oliver says her film was taken by Federal agent Regis Kennedy and never returned. The camera she claims to have been using was not produced until several years after the assassination.
Regis Kennedy, a Federal agent, was actually in New Orleans on November 22nd. Others who had been standing near the Babushka Lady stated Oliver was not standing near them. Finally, photographic evidence seems to indicate the Babushka Lady to be much older and heavier than the 17-year old Beverly Oliver of 1963. For these reasons, though some believe her, she is generally regarded as a fraud and the real identity of the Babushka Lady remain unsolved.

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