Unsolved Mysteries of the Lucedio Abbey

Lucedio Abbey (Abbazia di Santa Maria di Lucedio) is a 12th-century former Cistercian building near Trino, Italy. The building still stands today, as do some of the frightening devices and monuments erected within it. In the “Judgment Room”, stands a pillar called the “Weeping Pillar” for the inexplicable water it generates. It is believed that the pillar “cries” because of all the shame and abuse it has witnessed. Also there is a mysterious fresco called the "Devil's Music Sheet" that can seal a demon. While beneath the church there is a crypt where the monks were buried and that they were there to guard something evil, and this evil presence can be strongly felt by those who enter the crypt.

On 17th century strange rumors and bizarre tales began to spread throughout the region. There's a local legend tells that in 1648 an evil presence was evoked near a cemetery close to the Lucedio Abbey. The sorcerers performed a black magic ritual which summon an ancient demon and it possessed the minds of the monks of the Abbey. Here they corrupted and converted the monks, it was believed that the monks had forsaken their holy vows to worship a much darker master, Satan.

Lucedio Abbey
Numerous young men underwent assault and torture at the hands of the monks. They who were taken into the Abbey to work or become monks were never seen again outside it’s walls. At night local villagers reported that they could hear what sounded like screams of pain and anguish as well as strange chanting on the nights of the full moon that did not sound like the holy songs of devoted servants of God. Those from the surrounding area began to believe that the Monks of Lucedio Abbey had possibly done the unthinkable.

Completely controlled by the demon they started a period of violence and abuse of their spiritual and temporal power. Out of this events the myth of the "Weeping Pillar" was born and it still can be seen in the main hall. The pillar weeps (actually mysteriously becomes wet) for all the violence it had to see. Right in front of that pillar the destiny of those innocent people was chosen.

This period of violence last almost 100 years when the Pope finally sent an exorcist from Rome. This person fought and won against the evil and shut the demon in the Abbey crypts. The monks were mummified and they were put in circle around the evil presence to seal the demon and protect the abbey. As additional protection to seal the demon, a music was composed known as "The Devil's music sheet". It's a palindrome melody which according to popular belief, had and still has magical and esoteric powers. The particular thing about this music sheet is that it has been painted as a fresco in the Abbey and even more particular thing is that it can be played both normally from left to right and also backwards.

A researcher in ancient music and melody who studied the Devil's sheet stated the following things: 
  • If you put letters instead of the classic notes you can clearly read three words: "Dio Fede Abbazia" which mean God Faith Abbey.
  • The initial chords were usually used as ending chords in songs. It almost looks like it has been painted backwards on purpose.
Popular legend tells that if you play the song backwards you will break the seal and free the demon, however if played normally you will seal it again and make the seal stronger. The name of the place, Lucedio, is a bit weird itself and can be interpreted in two ways: as "Luce di Dio" Light of God or deriving of Lucifer's name.

Over the years many witnesses have claimed to witness what looks like tears coming from the pillar as well as a strange moaning sound coming from the base. Many reputable Paranormal researchers have attempted to debunk the pillar. Ghost Hunter International (GHI) also investigate the Abbey. In the Judgment Room, where people stood against a pillar as their crimes were debated, Andy Andrews from GHI goes above to study the area. He finds water damage above the pillar and suspects leaking rainfall might be the cause of the "weeping" pillar, but when he places a leaking bucket of water above the pillar, not a drop makes its way down. Many have tried and many have failed to solve it, until now it's still remains a mystery in Lucedio Abbey.


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