Annabelle The Haunted Raggedy Doll

In 1970s, Father Hegan an Episcopalian priest were told by two nurses that they experiencing paranormal activity in their home. Soon afterwards Father Hegan asked Ed and Lorraine Warren to investigate it. Based on the story of the nurses (Donna Jennings and Angie Stapleton), and Lou Carlo (Angie's boyfriend), the malevolant spirit seemed possessing a big raggedy doll which has the size of a small child, called Annabelle. One day they were leave the apartment to work, and after they return, they would find the doll in a different position already, and the weird part is the doll sometimes found in a different area of the apartment. They kept the apartment locked when they leave and no one else inside their apartment.

Annabelle inside the Warren Occult Museum
According to Donna, she had received the raggedy doll from her mother, as a birthday present of the previous year. At the time, Donna was a college student, she was preparing to graduate for her nursing degree, then she rent a small apartment with Angie (also a nurse), her room mate. Donna and Angie noticed that there is something unusual and creepy about the doll. The doll started to move around the apartment by itself. On the other time, they leave the apartment locked with the doll on the bed with its arms and legs crossed, when they return they find it sitting or kneeling on a chair.

The doll not only can move by itself but it could write too. It leaves a notes on a small parchment paper said "HELP US" and "HELP LOU" written with a pencil, and it looked like a small child's handwriting. However, when they found the notes, there was no paper, nor was there a pencil around on the apartment. Lou Carlo was Angie's boyfriend and he had been with them since the doll brought into the apartment.

Another creepy incident happens, when a statue flying in the midair and fall on the apartment floor. On the other night, Donna and Angie arrived and find bloodstain on the doll's chest, the back of her hand and on her dress. After that, they contact a medium immediately.

During the seances, the medium said that a seven-year-old girl had died on the apartment building few years ago. Her name was Annabelle Higgins, she was live and played in the area before the building was built there. The Annabelle's spirit wishes to live in the rag doll and stay in the apartment with Donna and Angie. They approve the spirit's wishes and didn't think that was a problem at all and then they call it Annabelle.

However Lou didn't like Annabelle and afraid of it. On several occasions he warned Donna and Angie that it was evil and asked them to get rid of it as soon as possible. Since it was a birthday present, Donna want to keep Annabelle and not listening Lou's warning about the doll. One night Lou asleep in the apartment alone and experience a nightmare. When he was awake in shocked he couldn't move his body at all. He looked around the apartment's room, then his eyes noticed that Annabelle moving closely from his leg, onto his chest and then within seconds its tiny hands was strangling his neck. Eventually Lou passed out, and awoke the next morning. He pretty sure it wasn't a bad dream, so he persuade Donna to get rid of it. But still Donna refused to do it.

Until one day, when Lou and Angie stay in the apartment reading over maps to prepare a road trip. They heard a suspicious sound coming from Donna's room. They think someone or maybe a thief had possibly broken into the room. Before entering, Lou waited until the noises stop and then open the door. But when he turning the light on, he only saw Annabelle on the floor in the corner of the room.

Lou searching around and checked the window's room, there was no forced entry and nothing unusual. He decided to grab Annabelle to put it back on the bed, where it used to be. Suddenly he feels that someone was standing behind him. He turning his body quickly as possible and realize that no one there, while Angie still waiting outside the room. Then in a second he feels that something scratch over his chest and his shirt was stained with blood. He open his shirt and saw 7 claw marks, the wounds healed the next couple day.

After the Lou's incident, Donna realize that the spirit in her doll has evil nature, and it's definitely not an innocent young girl's spirit. So she decided to contacted Father Hegan, and since it's an evil spirit he tell the story to Father Cooke the high priest who immediately contacted the Warrens.

Edward Warren Miney and Lorraine Warren (Lorraine Rita Moran) also called the Warrens were a couple of American paranormal investigators and authors associated with prominent cases of hauntings. They are best known for their involvement in the Amityville Horror case in which New York couple George and Kathy Lutz claimed that their house was haunted by a violent, demonic presence so intense that it eventually drove them out of their home.

The Warrens then asked Donna, Angie and Lou to tell the whole story concerning the rag doll and the creepy incidents that occured in the apartment. After hearing the story, the Warrens concluded that actually the doll did not possessed by a spirit, but it's manipulated by inhuman presence maybe an evil spirit. This spirit can attach itself to a place or object, in this case the doll (Annabelle) and then manipulated it so it can posses a human being, because this kind of spirit looking for a human as host.

Finally the Warrens decided to do an exorcism, with the help of Father Cooke's blessing to cleanse the apartment from evil spirit. Father Cooke then perform the seven page rite of exorcism to fill the apartment with the positive power of God. The Warrens believed that the spirit would no longer haunt the apartment, and take Annabelle with them for further investigation.

Upon leaving the apartment, Ed placed Annabelle in the back seat of the car. He feels that the evil spirit still manipulated the doll. In a couple of minutes, the car suddenly uncontrollable and the brake did not respond at all. Ed grab his black bag and took out a holy water and spoused all over the doll while making the sign of the cross. The car stopped immediately, and back to normal again. They arrived at home safely.

The Warrens kept the doll in Ed's working room, however it kept levitating and moving around. And on other occasion a black cat suddenly appeared around the doll. Eventually they sealed the doll inside a wooden cabinet with a plain wood crucifix in their Warren Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut.


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Hannah Rush said...

Has anyone talked with donna jennings, angie stapleton or lou carlo recently? Are we sure they are real? Where are they now?

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