Legend of Kute Beach

Sasak communities in southern part of West Nusa Tenggara (Nusa Tenggara Barat / NTB), Indonesia is still believe a mysterious legend of Kute Beach, Lombok. The legend tells the incomparable beauty of a royal Princess Mandalike (Mandalika) from the Teberu Kingdom (Kuripan). She is a princess who became the idol of every man but one day she disappeared without trace at Kute Beach. Kute beach has white sandy beaches facing south and a cliff-lined bay that juts into the sea on either side. The sea is blue, while on the east side of the mountain grows smaller and rocks sticking out into the sea level is indeed a fascinating natural ornaments.

Every year at this beach a festival called Bau Nyale / Buru Nyali (Buru: hunting; Nyali: sea worms) held in February-March to commemorate the sacrifices made by the Princess Mandalike for her people.

The name of this beach comes from the Sasak language; "Kute", which has the meaning of Ku (I) and Te (there). "I was there" is the last word when Princess Mandalike at the cliffs when answering questions from the three princes fighting over for her love and eventually disappear. The meaning of the word is she wanted to have them wait there at the Kute Beach.

Once upon a time, because of Princess Mandalike beauty, the crown prince from the three different kingdoms wanted to marry her. The King of Teberu was ​​confused to choose one of the prince to side with her ​​daughter. Since the three of them are the heir to the throne, rich and handsome.

The king and his daughter could not accept the proposal of one of them because they think it could lead to war. Then the king asked some advice to the royal advisor. After asked his advisor, the King decided that the three crown prince must accept an impossible challenge by hunting in the woods to look for a heart of the white deer. Even though in Lombok at that time there was no white deer, only brown deer. Surprisingly, the three of them was able to get the heart of white deer.

Finally the princess asked to do meditation in order to be guided by the Sang Hyang Widhi (Hindu God) to choose one of the three crown prince. From the result of the meditation, it turns out to be a specified place on the south coast.

Early morning, Princess Mandalike accompanied by the royal family with all his people, and the three crown prince who wish to be her chosen husband headed to the south coast.

Upon arriving at the beach, the sky suddenly darkened and the rain pouring down. Not only that, storms and typhoons hit them. They scattered to save themselves, including Princess Mandalike ran to the cliff to avoid the brunt of the sea waves while the three crown prince trying to catch up and rescue the princess. When they asked where the princess headed to, the princess shouting that she will be waiting on the cliff: "Kute" (I was there), "she shouted.

The statue of Princess Mandalike
Apparently that was her last word. The storm began to subside the next day, the princess already disappeared without a trace. When the sky was clear and the sea was calm with no waves, a fisherman surprised when he looked in the distance there was millions of sea worms (Nyali). He tell the others about the sea worms, the people believed that Nyali is the reincarnation of her missing princess.

Sea Worms (Nyali)

Her people began to realize how the princess loved them. She chose not settled on one of the three crown prince who proposed to her. Because when she choosing one of them, then the others will get angry and started war between kingdoms. The worst impact is she will lose her father and the kingdom. She love her family and her people so much. She is willing to sacrifice for the sake of their safety, and decided to not choose for her personal gain.

Until now, Sasak people believe that hunting sea worm on the festival will bring fortune. For a pregnant woman, she will happily eat the sea worms on Kute Beach in hopes her daughter will be as beautiful as Princess Mandalike. For the farmers, they believe that if the sea worms deployed in their paddy fields then the land will be fertile and the harvest will be bountiful.

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Bau Nyale Festival in Lombok

Pic Source:
Lombok Cultures;
Gimbal di Hati

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