Mysterious Disappearance of Nanking Soldiers In 1939

In 1939, nearly 3,000 troops were mysteriously disappeared in the south of Nanking. They were prepared to defend the area from the Japanese. Two hours later an aide reported contact with the troops had been lost. When their leader came to inspect the next morning, there was no trace of them anywhere. Their guns were found stacked beside their small cooking fires but not the people who carried them. The entire troops was gone. Had the Japanese attacked during the night and dragged them all away? That seemed impossible. Yet, the colonel and his aides had not heard any sounds during the night. What, then, had happened to those men? Nobody captured nor anyone attacked the troops. Then, how could they vanish?

At that time, the Japanese pushed toward the heart of China. They began to march on Nanking, the capital. But the mighty Yangtze River stretched across their path. To reach Nanking, they would have to cross a narrow bridge. The Chinese commander, Colonel Li Fu Sien, decided to fight at that bridge. If he could stop the Japanese there, he just might save his country.

Yangtze River Map

On December 10th, 1939, Colonel Li Fu Sien stationed his 2,988 troops across an area in the rolling hills of Nanking. The men were placed along a line some 3.2 km long set up to defend a bridge on the Yangtze River. They were equipped with large amounts of heavy artillery and were quite prepared to fight to the last man if necessary. They seemed ready for battle. The colonel went to his tent to get some sleep.

The next morning, Colonel Li Fu Sien was awoken by an aide that they were unable to make any contact with the troops on the defense line. Soon afterwards, he formed and lead an investigating party to find out what had happened with the troops. On arrival at the line, every position was deserted however there was no sign of struggle or fighting and not a single soldier to be found anywhere. The equipment remained. The heavy artillery stood in position ready to be fired, but there was no one there.

The only way across that river was over the bridge. Near to the bridge, they were interrogated the remained sentries for information. They swore that not a single soldier had crossed the bridge during the night. None of them had seen or heard a thing. One or two soldiers might have slipped past them—but not nearly 3,000 soldiers. The missing troops were never found.

After a long time, when the Japanese had withdrawn and the war finally ended, the Japanese's records were examined for some clue as to what may have befallen the missing men. The Japanese had attacked Nanking at that time. The Chinese authorities thought that the soldiers might have been taken prisoner by them. But then why did the Japanese leave their arms? When their records were checked, many astonishing facts came to light. The Japanese never captured such a large number of Chinese soldiers.

Several theories has been emerge to explained the troops disappearance. At the time, only two answers seemed possible. They must have gone over to the Japanese, or they must have quietly surrendered. While some people relate the incident with Hollow Earth theory, they think that the troops were taken into the Inner Earth through a portal in the hill area of the Nanking region. For some reason, these troops were led by an extraterrestrial being to an inner world. Maybe these troops were somehow stunned or hypnotized while they were relaxing in their camps, and they were unable to think clearly, then they were walked into the portal and transported to another place. The purpose of the capture of so many soldiers was they were simply used as a military force, a mercenary force to fight certain battles that the aliens needed them to fight. Where could have they gone? Were they taken to another planet? Until today, this incident remained shrouded in mystery.

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I was watching the video here and there is a reference of some saint from India vanishing an army to prevent something from happening.
Its in Kannada language, not sure if you can understand it.

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