15 Lincoln – Kennedy Weird Coincidences

One year after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a list of coincidences which link two of America’s most popular presidents – Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy – appeared in "American Press" in 1964. This list is still endured for over 40 years:
  • Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846, while Kennedy was elected 100 years later, in 1946
  • Abraham Lincoln was elected as President in 1860, John F. Kennedy was elected as President in 1960
  • Both Lincoln and Kennedy studied law
  • Both of the presidents surname each contain seven letters
  • Both of the presidents were succeeded by Southerners with the surname Johnson. (Lincoln was succeeded by Andrew Johnson, who was born in 1808, and Kennedy was succeeded by Lyndon Johnson, who was born in 1908. Both Johnsons have thirteen letters in their names and both of them served in the US Senate.)
  • Mary Lincoln and Jackie Kennedy both had children who died while their husbands were in the White House
  • Abraham Lincoln had a secretary named John Kennedy, while John F. Kennedy had a secretary named Evelyn Lincoln
  • Both of their secretary warned the president. (Lincoln's secretary, Kennedy, warned him not to go to Ford'sTheatre, Kennedy's secretary, Lincoln, warned him not to go to Dallas.)
  • Both of the assassins, John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald had fifteen letters in their name, and both of them were Southerners in their 20s (John Wilkes Booth was born in 1839, Lee Harvey Oswald was born in 1939.), and they were shot before they could stand trial
  • Booth shot Lincoln in a theatre and ran to a warehouse, and Oswald shot Kennedy from a warehouse and ran to a theatre
  • Lincoln was shot in Ford’s Theatre, while the car Kennedy was travelling in when he was shot was a Ford Lincoln
  • Both assassinations took place on a Friday
  • Both of the presidents were shot in the back of the head while their wives were at their side
  • Kennedy and Lincoln were both historic civil rights campaigners who were heavily criticised while in office but were glorified after they died
  • On the day of the assassinations Kennedy and Lincoln made strange prophetic statements. Hours before Lincoln was shot, he said to his personal guard, “If somebody wants to take my life, there is nothing I can do to prevent it.” And hours before Kennedy went to Dallas in 1963, he said to his wife Jackie, “If somebody wants to shoot me from a window with a rifle, nobody can stop it, so why worry about it?”
Some items from the list above are true, however some items are still debated.

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