Miami "Zombie" Attack

A bizarre incident occurred on May 2012 when one man was shot to death by a Miami police officer on the MacArthur Causeway. The officer said he saw the attacker (a naked man) chewing part of his victim's face before using lethal force to stop him. At first he ordered the naked man to back away from his victim. When he continued the assault, the officer shot him. However the attacker did not respond at all even after being shot, forcing the officer to continue firing. Witnesses said they heard at least six shots. The attacker was shot to death while another man is fighting for his life after he was attacked, and his face allegedly half eaten.

According to Miami CBS Local, on May 26th 2012, the attacker who later identified as Rudy Eugene (31) drove his purple Chevrolet Caprice with flag-draped to Miami Beach. His car eventually became disabled, and, after spending 30–40 minutes filmed on security video in and around the car, according to eyewitnesses he abandoned it about noon and began to cross the three-mile long span of the MacArthur Causeway, stripping himself of his clothing and disposing of his driver’s license as he advanced westward. His vehicle was eventually discovered and towed by Miami Beach police. Inside the car, police discovered a bible and five empty water bottles, which they believe were recently consumed.

Rudy Eugene
Eugene, eventually completely naked, having discarded even his shoes and lastly his Bible at the crime scene, encountered the victim, a homeless man named Ronald Edward Poppo at approximately 1:55 pm. Poppo had been lying underneath an elevated Metromover railway when Eugene began to pummel him, strip him of his pants, and bite his face. The attack unfolded at the west end of the MacArthur Causeway, near the headquarters of The Miami Herald in the Omni neighborhood of Downtown Miami when police responded to a 911 call about two naked men fighting on a bike path along the Causeway on NE 13th Street which was packed with traffic on a busy holiday weekend.

A Miami police came and saw a naked man gnawing on the face of another, in what one police source called the most gruesome thing he’d ever seen and shouted on his loud speaker for him to back away.

Eugene was unresponsive when the police officer on the scene ordered him to stop attacking the victim, and simply looked at the officer and growled with pieces of his victim's flesh hanging out of his mouth. He also did not respond to being shot, forcing the officer to continue shooting until Eugene was dead in order to save the victim's life.

Armando Aguilar, who heads the local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police, said he has spoken with the officer who responded. Aguilar said the officer saw what the man was doing, and ordered him to stop. He said the man growled at the officer, and then returned to his meal and the man also ate his victim’s nose and eyeballs.

The officer then used his service weapon and shot the man, Aguilar said, but the gunshot had no effect. Other sources confirmed that the man refused to obey, and continued his attack. Aguilar said the officer had no choice but to keep shooting until the attacker was dead.

Investigators are sharing limited details about the confrontation, saying only that the two men were fighting and the officers felt they had no choice but to take deadly force. The victim was eventually taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Once the bizarre confrontation came to an end, police were left with the task of figuring out what had happened. The investigation forced the closure of the causeway from Miami Beach to Miami, and also closed an exit to the causeway from I-95.

According to the Miami Herald, Eugene had been arrested 8 times, including for charges of battery since the age of 16.

Few days later, police theorize the attacker might have been suffering from "cocaine psychosis," also known as "bath salts" a drug-induced craze that bakes the body internally and often leads the affected to strip naked to try and cool off. Other cases of such drug-related violence and super-strength have been reported in the Miami area since March. However, experts have expressed doubt as to their definitiveness, toxicology reports were only able to identify marijuana, and the ultimate cause of Eugene's cannibal behavior remains unknown. Still this weird incident need to be investigated further.


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